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For 40 years at your service

The company Aegi Componenti Oleodinamici is located in the province of Milan, more precisely in Cassano d’Adda, where it took its first steps back in 1983.

Since then, our company has undergone a strong expansion in all respects, boasting a varied catalogue of oil-hydraulic components for high-pressure systems of any industrial sector and a close and highly qualified team.

Within our range, all large companies, resellers and wholesalers will be able to find the best valves, miniature couplings and clamps for fixing pipes: the items in the catalogue encompass the full range of instruments required for the regulation, check and pressure measurements of the fluids contained in any industrial plant.



Our company was founded in 1983 in the province of Milan: our aim has always been to supply the best products on the market and to be a reliable partner for our foreign and Italian customers.



Our products are used in various fields: chemical, petrochemical industry, gas, water treatment, manufacturing of earthmoving machinery, agricultural equipment, and much more.



The suppliers we rely on have all the necessary certifications which enable us to consolidate the quality of the products in our range: ISO 9001RINA, certifications on materialsLloyd’s Register, etc.



In order to be fully compliant with REACH, we have instituted a set of criteria so as to correctly identify the role of each party within the supply chain referring to the various substances used.

Why choose our services?

Aegi Componenti Oleodinamici is well aware of the needs of its customers, which is why it provides a series of services aimed at ensuring full satisfaction to anyone who relies on our expertise. Offering prearranged consulting, possibility of customizing products, various materials and a wide range of components, we are sure that we can fully meet your requirements with products of the highest quality.

Turn to the professionals in the industry: Aegi Componenti Oleodinamici, based in Cassano d’Adda, in the province of Milan, ships throughout Italy.

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