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Aegi Componenti Oleodinamici: the company you’ve been waiting for for your customized products

Our company was founded in 1983 in the province of Milan: our aim has always been to supply the best products on the market and to be a reliable partner for our Italian customers.

We are sole distributors of first-rate oil-hydraulic components relying on manufacturers such as Aegi Clamps, Pister and Spradow, well-known for their expertise in the field.

Thanks to the modern facility and our close network of collaborators, we are able to meet the needs of our diverse customers, to guarantee them the product they are looking for.

Specifically, our trade in oil-hydraulic and hydraulic components, including custom-made ones, focuses on elements for monitoring and regulating fluids within the circuits of various industrial plants: valves, miniature couplings, clamps, fastening systems and much more!

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A qualified team at your service

Each member of the Aegi Componenti Oleodinamici staff is driven by the same values that represent the very essence of our work reality: passion, dedication, commitment, willpower and listening to the customer.


It is precisely from these strengths that our aim is to fully meet the needs of our customers in order to provide the ideal products for each project. We provide a precise prearranged consulting service, which allows our staff to connect with customers and guide them in choosing the ideal product.

Everything you need with immediate delivery

We are a flexible and organized company, with a consolidated experience and a dynamic and competitive internal structure: within our warehouses we have large areas dedicated to the storage of components and to each product of our supply.

All these details allow us to fulfill customer requests almost in real time, focusing often on immediate shipments and supplies: all with quick timeline.

Contact us and choose our supplies. Aegi Componenti Oleodinamici works alongside its customers throughout Italy.

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