Complete clamps

Complete clamps and hose clamps

Aegi Componenti Oleodinamici works alongside companies throughout Italy for the trade and shipping of clamps and hose clamps: wherever there is a hose, there is a hose clamp.

We rely on the production quality of the Aegi Clamps brand, a leader in the industry thanks to the certified materials and innovative technologies used in the manufacturing of these products. We have a wide variety, including complete single and double clamps, in the standard and grouped versions: between the light and heavy duty series, we can find the ideal solution to meet customer requirements and ensure optimal items.

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Our catalogue deals extensively with complete standard clamps: they are the basic product for sealing pipes.


Complete standard clamps are highly efficient, long-lasting components to give safety to those who use them. They are available in the basic version as well as with the addition of an upper plate or grouped.

The standard hose clamps by Aegi Clamps are high-performance fastening systems: created with certified materials, they allow any type of hose to be quickly and safely fastened.

The categories of products for sale at Aegi Clamps are available in different materials: as for the standard clamps, also in the case of version with upper plate, the customer can choose from polypropylene, self-extinguishing polyamide, rubber or aluminium.

Hose clamp systems and complete standard clamps in the range are suitable for all contexts in which there are plants and pipelines: depending on the characteristics, we provide solutions for all types of high-pressure plant.



The selection of complete heavy duty clamps by Aegi Clamps is suitable for use in different fields of application: quality and reliability are their trademark.


Durable and solid, the heavy duty hose clamps the leading product in fastening tools, are available in both plain and grouped versions.

The heavy duty hose clamps feature high quality levels: they are reinforced and available in a range of different sizes, to suit different customer needs.

The selection of the highest quality materials used in the manufacturing of the complete heavy clamps includes polypropylene, self-extinguishing polyamide, aluminium and rubber: the material is chosen based on their intended use.

Ideal for all pipe or plant fastening needs, the complete heavy clamps are suitable for different industrial fields.



Double clamps are available in the basic and grouped versions: this allows us to provide a wide and complete choice to customers.


Complete double clamps are designed in detail and shaped in such a way as to ensure maximum reliability: optimal pipe fastening is assured under all conditions of use.

The complete double clamps are high quality components that allow two pipes to be fastened simultaneously: this feature represents a breakthrough for any industry.

The materials mainly used in the production of complete double clamps are polypropylene, self-extinguishing polyamide and rubber.

Particularly suitable for industrial and manufacturing sectors, the complete double clamps are ideal wherever there are piping or plants.

The benefits of customization

Aegi Clamps specializes in product customization, exclusively for mass production: between material choices and small changes, our technical team will meet the customer’s requirements, in the creation of products adapted in every way.

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