Pister ball valves

Ball valves and all the accessories we offer

At Aegi Componenti Oleodinamici, we are at the forefront of selling, supplying and shipping high quality oil-hydraulic components.

One of the prominent products in our catalogue is the Pister ball valves, indispensable elements for countless industrial and construction fields.In fact, the different types of valves lend themselves to various uses in the fields of machine and equipment construction, for wide-ranging hydraulic applications, and for countless industrial realities, such as chemical, petrochemical, gas and others.

Dealing with resellers and wholesalers, we rely on the best brands on the market, manufacturers of durable and top-quality components. As far as our valves, fittings and all accessories are concerned, we cooperate with the German company Pister, which manufactures components with first-rate certified materials and with the help of the most innovative technologies.

We also deal with the supply of special valves and accessories, which further improve the valves in the main range and enable us to break down any limits in terms of applications.

If you are looking for a reliable partner for your industrial high-pressure valves, contact the Aegi Componenti Oleodinamici team and request a quote: our company is active throughout Italy.


2-way valves

2-way ball valves feature one way in and one way out. Depending on your needs, we have valves with threaded, flanged or panel-mounted access.


3-way valves

3-way ball valves are designed to connect the three openings (inlet, outlet, and discharge), depending on the position of the valve: they are available with threaded, flanged or panel-mounted access.


Multi-way valves

Multi-way ball valves with threaded connection can be considered the best ones for large industrial plants, as they are implemented with multiple ways for connection.


Multi-connection systems

When we talk about multi-connection systems, we refer to multi-connection quick couplings, and not really valves: these products, in fact, are used as a connection to the valve.


Special valves

Within our catalogue of highly efficient and reliable ball valves, we reserve part of the range for the supply of special valves: combination solutions, manifolds, base plates, etc.



We offer a selection of accessories to go with valves and main parts: levers, shut-off systems, actuators and position switches for all parts in the main range.

A selection of products tailored to customer requirements

Our company operates on the basis of certain strengths, which enable us to guarantee precision and reliability to customers and to establish ourselves as a leader in the industry.

In addition to having a varied catalogue, equipped with valves and accessories necessary for workers of different industrial realities, we also offer the possibility for our customers to customize products according to their needs. This is a service reserved for mass production and consists of modifying parts from drawings provided by the customers themselves.

We collaborate with renowned manufacturing entities in the industry: when it comes to the production of valves, we rely on the German Pister company, which has always been known for its production quality and ability to keep up with technological innovations. These products are true guarantees and are distinguished by their robustness and reliability, even under challenging working conditions.

All Pister valves are certified according to DIN ISO 9001/EN 29001, with DVGW approvals, etc., and DNV approval, Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyd’s Register, etc.

To learn more, you can request our consultancy service; Aegi Componenti experts offer their expertise to guide customers on choosing the ideal item for their projects and investing in accurate products.


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