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Industrial oil-hydraulics: to whom is our ball valve sale addressed?

Our company, established in the province of Milan and operating nationwide, works alongside customers from many different business sectors.

We are personally involved in the trade and shipment of components for industrial oil-hydraulics: our catalogue offers different solutions when it comes to valves, miniature couplings, clamps and hose clamp systems, including a whole range of accessories and secondary products that complement our main components.

Our valves manufactured by the well-known German brand Pister, are components used to regulate and control the circulation of a fluid within some plants; the fields where our valves are mostly used include oil-hydraulic engineering, shipbuilding engineering and naval engineering, etc. Other prominent fields of use are automotive and transport, including the manufacturing of heavy vehicles, agricultural and earthmoving machinery.

Moreover, we sell our products also to chemical, petrochemical, gas, waste and water treatment systems.

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Miniature couplings for every need!

Our Spradow miniature couplings are the expression of everything a component of this type should have: precise and reliable, they serve to control high-pressure circuits, to ensure that there is no oil leaks or technical problems in the plant.


For these reasons, miniature couplings are essential for any industrial setting with high-pressure systems and fluid circulation: they perfectly match the processes of the agricultural, chemical and petrochemical, food, mining and offshore industries, for the manufacturing of agricultural machinery and equipment, as well as the manufacturing of heavy vehicles and naval engineering.

All-around flexibility for our clamps

Our clamps and fastening systems for pipes are manufactured by Aegi Clamps: they boast certifications and warranties on the quality of materials and construction techniques, representing the best components that can be found on the market.

Our hose clamp systems are essential pieces for industries: the sectors we address are almost infinite, since wherever there is a hose, there is a hose clamp.

Our clamps and related accessories are perfect for naval, chemical, food, water treatment, earthmoving, oil and gas industries as well as for agricultural machinery, etc.

Furthermore, thanks to the customization of our products, we are able to meet the demands of different sectors.

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